COVID-19 Gasworks Medical Practice

GASWORKKS MEDICAL PRACTICE COVID-19 UDATE While Face-to-Face consultations are back, we still have some pretty tight protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and team. Some of the changes are: You will notice our waiting room looks a little different. There is...

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Sunscreen and skin cancer myths

True or false? 10 common sunscreen and skin cancer facts and fictions Despite Australian’s being highly educated with Slip, Slop, Slapping we still have high rates of skin cancer. Time to break down the nitty gritty... Keeping up to date with the latest research on...

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9 types of contraception for women

9 types of contraception you can use to prevent pregnancy No need to be risky when you get frisky. There are so many contraception options out there for people to use when they are getting down to business that there is no need for you not to play it safe. Want to...

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