If you are wanting to keep your health on track, going to a regular GP can make a big difference to your treatments and the way your health is cared for. Stay on the good health path with a regular doctor and if you need convincing here are 7 reasons why.


  1. Improves the continuity of care, meaning that the doctor you see knows your background medical history and is able to interpret your current presentation in line with that knowledge.
  2. You build a rapport with your regular doctor, making communication easier, and you won’t need to explain your whole health history each time.
  3. If you have long term health issues the doctor has a thorough knowledge of these issues and is also aware of other doctors who are involved in your care. A GPs role is to be the central point of contact between these doctors ensuring that they are aware of new developments and limiting duplication of services.
  4. In order to see your regular GP you may need to plan ahead and book routine appointments ahead of time. When you are with your GP discuss with them the next time they will need to see you and arrange a time frame that works for both of you.
  5. We will ask you when you are booking if this is an urgent matter and who is your regular GP. In busy times and during holiday periods it may not be possible to see your regular GP. The good news is that all of our doctors have access to your medical records so will be able to help you. You can then arrange to see your regular GP for ongoing management.
  6. To help you arrange your appointments, we will let you know on a monthly basis which doctors are taking leave in the next month so that you can plan ahead for appointments.
  7. You can book online with HotDoc through the website or via the app. This will allow you to see upcoming availability with your regular GP.